March 19, 2017

Here are 3 Other Ways To Use Your Concealer


Concealer is one of the most staple item in the “kikay kit” of many of us girls. As from the word itself, this beauty tool helps us conceal or hide dark spots, pimples and/or dark linings under our eyes. But wait! There’s so much more to that, and here are some of the fool-proof things I have learned and tried myself with the help of a concealer:

1. Can be used as an instant contouring tool.

If you ever find contouring kit as a little bit costly on your regular budget, besides not being a part of your daily make up regimen (unless you always want to be “that made up” even just going to the mall or supermarket, or going to work as if you’re joining a beaucon, hehe), concealer is a perfect alternative! Find a shade that is at least 2x darker than your normal tone, dab underneath your cheekbone, on the sides of your nose and beneath your jawline. Then blend it with another concealer with 2x shade lighter, above your cheekbone, at the center of your nose and just above your jawline, whalaah, you now have a perfectly-shaped face.

2. Can be used as a base for lipstick and eyeshadow.

If you want to enhance the color of your lipstick and make that eyeshadow stay quite a bit longer, dab some concealer first on your lips and lids to have a more nude effect. After which you can put on your lipstick and apply your eye makeup. See the difference as the color gets more vibrant in your lips and your eye makeup will hold a bit longer than usual. You can also correct smears from your lipstick by applying a little concealer and blending it so the smears goes with it. Also can also clean your out-of-line eyeliners or crooked cat’s eye by neutralizing the dark color and blending it.

3. Can be used to define better your arches.

Do you want to get that eyebrows on fleek? Then this little beauty tool can help you do so. Make sure to fill in gaps on your brows with a concealer before applying your brow make up. I suggest you use powder-type to let it hold on to your brows better, as compared to pencil or gel-type ones. You can also use this to correct your smudges in your brows by dabbing small amount and blending it carefully. Notice how your arches get more alive with this technique.

Well you see, you don’t need to always have all the complete make-up tools or items to perfect your look. Sometimes, a bit experiment on what we already have on-hand can lead us to new discoveries that can help us save money, and the hassle of putting so many things in our “kikay kits” and burdening us of the weight it adds up on our bags,hehe. Just make sure that you choose quality over quantity of these beauty tools. You don’t need too much items as long as you have the basics, and make sure you have quality brands to save your skin from damage and long-term negative effects.

*Featured image from Frugal Fridayz

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