April 28, 2017

7-Eleven Has a New Challenger, Introducing: 8-Twelve!

8 Twelve

Watch out, 7-Eleven! Your biggest competitor yet (maybe) is on the rise. Facebook user Joed Barallas posted a photo of a convenience store named 8-Twelve, and of course, it has gone viral!

This convenience store has not reached the Metro as of this writing. The flagship store, it appears, is in Brgy Tabugon, Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte. Mr. Barallas came upon this convenience store during a stopover on his way to Bicol. The familiar color and the funny (admit it!) wordplay on the name caught his attention. How could anyone have missed this before? Well, I admit 8-Twelve is a lot easier to say – lesser syllables, it kind of just rolls off your tongue.

Social media of course didn’t miss a beat. His post has sparked 6.8 K reactions, 10.6 K shares and 748 comments. Several memes have even come up because of his post!

So what are we waiting for next – 9-Thirteen? Hahaha!

*Featured image from Facebook – Joed Barallas

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