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Chief Everything Officer | Introverted Dreamer | Nosepicker

LG is a frustrated rockstar, psychologist, and journalist. However, she gets to practice these professions every single day of her life as a mother, wife and as a work from home professional.

She worked in various BPOs for 10 years until she started working from home in 2009 where she takes on outsourced work in digital marketing, web design, project management, content writing, and customer service.

She would grab any type of negative energy by the neck and teach them a lesson any time of the day. 

She is a self-confessed introvert but wonders if she just uses it as an excuse to treasure the 3 most valuable things for her – silence, drama-free life, and stability.

She loves a good laugh and one day dreams of living a provincial life – milking cows, planting vegetables and rolling down a hill filled with green grass and beautiful flowers.

She picks her nose when she is deep thinking, confused and stressed. She’d flick those little balls high up in the air unwittingly.


Wayne B.

Writer | Breastfeeding Superhero | Neat Freak

Wayne is deeply passionate about spreading literacy on breastfeeding. 

She is a licensed Physical Therapist. She used to work in a fitness gym, then a Pharma company, moved to BPO where she worked a total of 10 years more or less. She left work in 2010 to take over the family business. She is busy with her food venture which is still relatively young. 

Her hobbies include reading good books and watching series. She is a fan of crime and action flicks. 

Wayne is a self-confessed neat freak. “I can’t work until I declutter. By the time I’m finished putting away clutter, I’m dead tired and can’t work. :D”

People think they know everything about Wayne because she is an open book. But they are dead wrong. There’s more to Wayne than what you know. Oh, definitely lots more!


Lizzy F.

Writer | Fur Lover | Emo

Lizzy is a full-time employee who works in a telecom company on weekdays, and a full-time mom on weekends. 

She is passionate about having quality time with her family including her fur babies (2 dogs and 3 cats as of this writing) if  she is not working. 

She has always been in-love with writing and her dream is to write her own bio someday.

Reading is her other love, but chores always eat up most of her waking time at home, which led her to consider them now as my hobbies.

She always like to goof around and share funny stories with her friends and family, and a good laugh from them is her best reward. 

She loves to laugh a lot. She is emotional especially when watching movies or even just reading stories. 

People normally get the initial impression that she is a snob or not easy to get along with. 

“Once I let you in to my world, you’ll be amazed on what you will discover. I know a lot of people, but very few really knows me.”


Martha E.

Website Manager/Writer | Lifelong Learner | Foot Powder Addict

Martha is a licensed professional teacher who believes that learning is a lifetime process. “It is the whole life itself, from the time you are born to the moment you die.”

A learner who shifted from being an Office Management diploma holder to a graduate with Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English at Philippine Normal University, Manila.

She never used to love health and fitness. In between and after having a kid, she gained weight. That’s when she realized she needed to take action and made exercise and proper diet necessities of her life.

She can’t sleep without putting baby powder on her feet.