October 16, 2017

Another Pinay Nanny Responsible for the Success of This Filipino-Speaking Man from Qatar

Overseas Filipino Workers who work as nannies and/or domestic helpers are not fresh news for us Filipinos. They can be found all over the world. Sadly for some, there are those abused by their employers, but still a number of our fellow countrymen were treated as family and have actually enjoyed their work for many years.

Our story today is one of those lucky ones, and her name is Liz de Leon. She has worked in Qatar for 20 years. In 2011, she has stopped working as a nanny to finally spend time with her own family. However, the children she cared for has never forgotten her, especially one named Nasser al-Naama who looked up to her as his second mother.

Yaya Zubaidah, as she was called, Liz worked for the family since 1986 and became close to the children in the family – Nasser, Mohammad, MakDim, and Aysha. It was Nasser who grew to be the closest to her.

These children she cared for are even fluent Filipino speakers! Nasser also shares that he loves Filipino food, and his favorite is mannga with bagoong.

Nasser is all grown up now and works as a writer for Qatar Living. Recently, he created a video to express his gratitude to Yaya Zubaidah, whom he says is his second mom.

He has shared secrets with her as he was growing up, secrets that even his own mom didn’t know about. Liz was pleasantly surprised when the video that Nasser made became trending, and she was thankful that he hasn’t forgotten about her after all these years.

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho was instrumental in reconnecting Nasser and Yaya Zubaidah via Skype. Nasser couldn’t stop himself from crying when once again he saw and spoke to his second mom. Watch the video and I know your heart will be overwhelmed by the love these two have for each other.

Really, a Pinay’s love and care is world-class and incomparable!

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