May 11, 2017

Look! Basti Artadi is Back Rockin’ After Face Surgery

I admire Basti Artadi for a lot of reasons that’s so ’90s…

1. he is cool,
2. he is a rockstar,
3. I loved listening and watching him play with his band, Wolfgang,
4. but most of all I admire him because he is resilient.

You have to give it to the guy. He just keeps fighting. Or from the looks of it, music must really be the fuel that keeps him (rockin’ and) rollin’.

Last time I heard was, he had a fundraiser last year for his expensive operation and the next thing I know is he is back singing again. He was spotted at the “A Rock Out For All Ages,” Dr. Martens’ 57th Anniversary celebration at the Bratpack store in Greenbelt 5.

Interaksyon was able to interview Basti where he shared how fans and friends in the industry expressed genuine concern.

“I sold a lot of shirts, and a lot of people came out and bought those. Thanks to them—a lot! I also put on a show and a concert in December with A-Team, my Management. And they were the ones who pushed me to do this and told me, ‘C’mon let’s do this, it will be good for you.’ So I did it. We put on the show and all the proceeds, after expenses, of course, all the proceeds they gave to me to help me out with my operation. Thanks to them and all who helped me. My hospital bill was like $200,000. It’s not a joke.”

Read the rest of the interview here…

*Featured image by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon

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