March 1, 2017

This is What Happened To Bella Hadid When He Saw The Weeknd in The H&M Studio PFW Show

Bella HadidThe worst nightmare of every model on the catwalk is to stumble on-stage.  This is exactly what happened to Bella Hadid at the H&M Paris Fashion Week show on Wednesday.  As if matters can’t get worse, the embarrassment was deepened further by the presence of none other than his ex-flame  – The Weeknd.

Some say that the beautiful 20-year old was stunned by the presence of his ex-boyfriend, despite having come face to face with  him in November last year at the Victoria’s Secret show.  Others believe that her quirky, Gothic inspired dress and floor-sweeping trousers caused the stumble.

Bella and Gigi stormed the H&M catwalk together, but unbeknownst to Gigi, 21, who walked ahead of her younger sister Bella, her sister has had a misfortune.

Of course, the poised model that she is, Bella quickly recovered, smiled briefly and hit the catwalk bravely as her ex performed his new single Nothing Without You to close the presentation.

There’s really nothing like a surprise run-in with your ex to ruin your night, huh?  What’s great is our recovered and went ahead, head held high and very confident.  You go, girl!


*Image from Gold Coast Bulletin

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