September 3, 2017

Belo-Kho Wedding Reportedly Costs up to Php 80 Million

On September 2, celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho tied the knot in Paris.

It is said to be the “wedding of the year.” No doubt that given the large amount and much effort they put on it. According to the entertainment website PEP on Wednesday, the Belo-Kho wedding may cost 80 million Php.

Event organizer Javi Martinez Pardo doesn’t want to confirm what the logistics of such grand celebration.

“Sorry dear, it’s just to protect the couple,” said the wedding organizer.

The special report is based on sources and inquiries with the couple’s suppliers. Here’s the possible breakdown of estimated wedding costs made by PEP:

1. The American Church in Paris. According to the church’s  website, the expected donation for a wedding ceremony is 1,350€/ this is roughly PHP83,000 in Php.

2. The bridal car. The couple rented a chauffeur-driven luxury car in Paris. Car rental companies would charge them at least 2,000€/ Pph 122,000 for 10 hours.

The luxury vans. 12 vehicles were rented to transport 241 guests from the church on Quai d’Orsay to the reception on Rue de Scribe. Van rates go to 400€ for eight hours, with an additional 50€ for every hour beyond that. If a computation were made for 12 luxury vans for just two full days the cost would be 28,800€ or Php 1,756,000 for 48 hours.

3. The gowns. Michael Cinco made four gowns for Vicki, and three gowns flower girls. a celebrity source told that the price whispered about among guests at the wedding was Php 8 million.

Another Belo’s gown is from Mark Bumgarner. It sells from $3,000 to $10,200/  Php 153,000 to Php 521,000 at their online site.

Lastly, the Monique Lhuillier’s which has a price range of $5,000 to $20,000 or Php 250,000 to Php 1.2 million wrote by Website

4. Hair and Makeup artists. The bride’s makeup was done by Juan Sarte and Junar Santos took care of her hair. Topnotch makeup artists usually range from Php 80,000 to Php 120,000; hairstylists charge as much as Php 30,000. Aside from that, their plane fares to Paris and Airbnb accommodations in that city were all paid for.

5. The groom’s suits. During the ceremony, Hayden wore a Tom Ford Windsor suit and coat. According to the brand’s website, the coat charges at $5,460 or around Php 280,000. The coat was priced at Php 107,395 on

6. The Palais Garnier’s Grand Foyer. Rental for the Grand Foyer—including the porters, the Avante-Foyer, and the Rotonde du Glacier—is 95,000€ a day, taxes excluded. Michael Cinco’s Instagram post revealed that the whole opera house was closed to the public for two days, so the rent could possibly go up to 190,000€/ Php 11.6 million, taxes not yet included.

7. The event-stylist. Robert Blancaflor was chosen to beautify the church and wedding reception venue. He used hydrangeas, roses, calla lilies, and one of the most expensive flowers in the world, the Lily of the Valley. One bride told PEP that a  stylist less famous than Blancaflor quoted Php 750,000 as his minimum fee for a wedding in either London or Paris.

8. Potel et Chabot and Pavillon Seine. The night before the wedding, the had couple’s welcome dinner at the Pavillon Seine. A contact in Paris informed that the Rental of a Pavillon Seine cruise, from 7 in the evening till 12 midnight is 12,300€/ Php 750,000. Potel et Chabot, got a quote of 265€/ Php 16,000 per head for a standard five-course meal. A wedding guest said the bill reached 2,000€ per person/ Php122,000 and the reception count was for 280 persons. The bill would have a bill amounting to Php 34,160,000.

9. Airfare and accommodations. The family boarded a first-class flight to Paris.A first-class, round-trip ticket for two adults and a child would cost $33,000/ Php 1.7 million listed on the airline’s website.

In Paris, the family checked in at the Ritz. The website says that Coco Chanel Suite charges 22,000€/ Php1.35 million per night. A six-night/seven-day stay at the suite would cost a minimum of around Php 8.1 million.

The couple shouldered the airfare of the wedding team and the glam team, plus those of some very close friends. Price of a junior suite at Le Burgundy is 801€/ Php 48,000 a night, while a superior suite goes for 1,314€/ Php 79,800 a night.

10. The invitations.The gold invitations were produced by Patria David, whose design fee starts at PHP35,000.

The couple hired four photographers at Story of Your Day by Emma Wilson, whose usual rate is £3000, according to The total payment for the photographers is $21,000/ Php 1.1 million while the videographer’s Php 182,892. The total comes up to PHP 1,282,892.

“Overall, these estimates for the wedding itself do not yet include the management fee of Yaparazzi Events, which could have a base pay of Php 1million; and also do not include the payment to opera singers, the cost of souvenirs and flowers, the fees of florists, the cost of the lights-and-sound system, and bills for the manpower for staging the program at the opera house. With some elements still to be factored in, our estimated total for the Belo-Kho wedding is at Php 69,822,287. Going by the word of two distinct, impeccable sources—is confident that the final amount spent on The Wedding of the Year is, in fact, PHP80 million,” said


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