April 19, 2017

The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type – It’s Not What You Think

Not all women are created equal. One way or another, we differ in shape, size and figure. And wearing swimsuit is one of the ordeals of many female species especially during this time of the year that the summer fever is starting to rise up. We don’t need to starve ourselves to death just to look decent (at least, hehe) in our swimsuits.

What we can do is find the right cut, design and color to suit our body type, wherein it can enhance what we already have and hide a bit of our body flaws to boost better our confidence while enjoying our swimming spree with our family and friends.

To guide you, here are some of the major body types and what swimsuit to fit in it:

1. Flattery everywhere.

Super slim/skinny type, flat front and back. Those girls with this body type is quite lucky since they can wear all kinds of swimsuits at least. But a lot of them would like to boost some on the chest and butt area to look more appealing. One can wear a bit padded, with V-shaped top, preferably with busy patterns or with ruffles to create some “oomph” illusion up there. To work on a “not-so-gifted” behind, better if you wear 2-piece and pair this with almost the same conditions on your top. A horizontal print, or confusing designs of fabric, or with ruffles can get you away with it. Also avoid black or super dark colors as the effect is slimming. Try the other way around, like white or super light colors as the effect is the reverse, which can add illusion of weight, thus makes one look bigger as they want to appear.

2. Volume’s up and down.

With extra volume on the front and back. The opposite of the first one, girls with this body type needs to trim down or lessen what they already have. If you’re one who’s like this and really have no time to physically prepare for your swimsuit, try a 2-pc tankini to have a minimizing illusion. Look for dark colors, with vertical prints, or very minimal or small prints to avoid making you look bigger. Also wear a top with a bit support like underwire to enhance your top. Lessen the bottom by wearing skirt-types to cut out on the hips and butts.

3. Pear-shaped body.

More on the bottom, less on top. If you are carrying more volume on the lower body, you might want to balance the attention from upward. Wear some bold prints or patterns on top and make sure to pair it with boyleg type bottoms that hit across the thigh, or higher-cut leg-lines that make it appear wider. In this way, less focus will be on your lower body.

4. Big chest but lesser on bottom.

This is the reverse of Pear-shaped girls. So the trick here is to make your bottom appear bigger to balance it with your top. If you want a one-piece suit, you can choose a layered-type on the bottom to create illusion of bigger hips. You may want to wear something with bigger and more disturbing prints down there. Lighter colors at the bottom may complement a dark colored top.

5. Tummy problems.

Who would want to emphasize extra bulges on your center? You may wear a one-piece with crumples on the middle so that your tummy won’t need to be the focus of attention and highlight on your assets, whether you have a gifted top or bottom, follow our initial guides above.

Remember all these and you can never go wrong in sporting your summer do. But of course, the most important part here is the comfort you will get in wearing these swimsuits. These guide will only help add up to your confidence. Comfort is still important because you don’t want to wear something that looks good on you, but doesn’t feel good on you.

The best swimsuit for your body type is not what you think nor any of the tips I just mentioned. The best swimsuit for any body type is C.ON.F.I.D.E.N.C.E.

Get ready now to flaunt those assets and get sun-kissed skin while looking oh so comfy and gorge on your swimsuits this summer!

*Featured image from Loey lane

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