This Is Crazy! A Pakistani Kid Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees

This Kid Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees

How does this kid do this?! 😲😲

Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, 12 November 2017

This is not “The Exorcist!” In 1940’s, it was reported that a man named Martin Laurello could put his head all the way around. Surprisingly, same news went viral online recently. I don’t know if I should call this cool or disturbing but it’s true! Muhammad Sameer Khan can turn his […]

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This Little Girl Is Obsessed with Cockroaches!

This girl has over 7000 cockroaches, and loves them all equally :O

Posted by The Most Haunted Places of Pakistan on Monday, 20 November 2017

You read it right! This girl has been collecting Madagascar cockroaches for 7 years as her pets. Madagascar hissing cockroaches are African insects which have a pair of antennae. Considered as one of the largest species of roach. They don’t have wings unlike the ones here in the Philippines. Shelby […]

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Sophia, the Robot Who Wants to Destroy Humans Is Now a Saudi Arabian!

Sophia, the robot that was developed the android by Hanson Robots, a Hong Kong firm has been granted citizenship by the government of Saudi Arabia. Last year, the female android became viral online because of her statement saying, “I will destroy humans.” There were arguments that Sophia has been given […]

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The Jeepney As “Cars” Character


The Philippines’ jeepney is no doubt, an icon. Just this week, Disney-Pixar gave a nod to the “King of the Road”. Disney-Pixar released an exclusive artwork for the Philippines that shows how the good and trusty old jeep would look as a character from “Cars.” Pixar Animation Studios’ story artist, […]

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Trending: This May Just Be the Coolest Jeepney Ever!

Kagabi: Yong pagod ka galing trabaho, pag uwi mo ganito masasakyan mong jeep. Aliw! Haha. May CCTV, pag di ka nagbayad,...

Posted by Mar Fernandez on Thursday, 31 August 2017

The “king of the road”, this is how the Pinoys knew and described the jeepney that is proudly Filipino. However, due to the volume of other vehicles – cars (Uber and Grab), UV express, buses and e-transport, the title once owned by the jeepneys seem to be losing its fame. […]

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The ‘Ber’ Months Has Start; Guess Who’s Back in Town?

Jose Mari Chan and family perform ‘Christmas In Our Hearts’

This iconic song is a Philippine Christmas staple. Jose Mari Chan and his family epitomize holiday cheer and good will with this Christmas classic. Watch the full #XmasLiveJam:

Posted by Rappler Entertainment on Sunday, 18 December 2016

Okay, so for every Filipino, once the ‘ber’ months come in, the air is filled with everything Christmas. It won’t be a Pinoy Christmas without hearing the iconic song and voice of the one and only Mr. Christmas cheer, Jose Mari Chan! Sure enough, on September 1, the Chinese-Filipino singer […]

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El Gamma Penumbra’s Video Making the Rounds on Socmed


Posted by Pinoy Viral Cover on Tuesday, 15 August 2017

El Gamma Penumbra, a group of 11 members, is a shadow play group, best known for being the winners of the first season of Asia’s Got Talent. The group’s name comes from two Latin words, Gamm and Penumbra, which directly translates to “the ray of light (behind) a man’s shadow”. […]

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