August 5, 2017

Coffee Addicts, You Might Want to Try These 3-In-1 Options

Coffee Addicts, You Might Want to Try These 3-In-1 Options

Instant coffee – it’s quick and easy to prepare, just a cup (or mug) of hot water, tear the bag and you’re all set!

For those who need their peepers to stay open for a few more hours, say hello student crammers, employee on a deadline, or a mom binging on K-drama, try these brands if you haven’t yet. These are 4 of our favorites from this list.

1. Nescafe Blend and Brew Espresso Roast  – if you’re a coffee drinker, who’s also after the taste, flavor and aroma, this sure will be perfect for you!

2. Kopiko Brown Coffee – The coffee-flavored candy as an actual coffee product.  It doesn’t taste like the candy, though.  It’s a tad sweet for me, but for those with a craving for sweet coffee, this is for you.

3. Alicafe – This imported coffee is actually a 5-in-1 instant coffee – with the addition of tonkat ali and ginseng.  It has exquisite taste that’s not like the usual Filipino blend we’re used to.  But I encourage you to try it.

4. Great Taste White – Chewy caramel candy flavor in your coffee?  How sweet is that?  If you prefer sweet coffee, then this is definitely you.  It wakes you up and puts you in a good mood, because well, caramel.

Now I think I’m ready for my coffee, are you?

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