March 19, 2018

Cooking with a Twist: Chef Michelle Adrillana vs Rapper Aklas in a FlipTop Battle

Are you a fan of music? Do you like food? How about watching a rap battle with a chef? If your answer is yes, this video of a FlipTop-battle-cooking-show may interest.

Check out this clip made by Industree TV, an online lifestyle channel of well-produced original shows created and hosted by top media personalities with the aim to entertain, educate, and inspire:

This first episode of “What’s The Food” is a cooking show with Filipino rapper, Aklas and Chef Michelle Adrillana making Rissotto.

Michelle Adrillana is a celebrity chef and was featured in 2016 World Street Food Congress in Manila. She is a restaurant consultant and member of Les Toques Blanches Philippines too.

According to the chef’s Facebook post:

“The first episode of my own lifestyle cooking show WTF? (What’s the Food?) is finally up on IndusTree TV. The show is meant to be light, fun, entertaining, yet there’s still a take away for those who want to learn something about cooking. This show aims to show the world that chefs can be fun and crazy too and perhaps that’s another side of me which you haven’t seen yet. Please be good to us as we constantly improve and create fun and exciting episodes for you together with our interesting roster of personalities from different walks of life. This first episode features Filipino rapper Aklas who has shown his witty and funny side too. Watch as two worlds collide only on #WTF? #IndustreeTv”

Aklas whose real name is Philip Ching is a Filipino DIY Emcee and Fliptopper. In 2010, his rap career started after gaining a spot in FlipTop’s tryout for aspirants.

Watch how Chef Andrillana and Aklas incorporated rapping while making the so-called “pagkain ng mayamang may sakit” up top!

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