July 1, 2017

Dad’s One-Sided Text About Their Kid Who Puked in the Car


Parenting is not all cute poses, dresses/outfits, or playtime. There are days when you kids fall ill, and because you’re the parent, you have to clean up after the kids.

Ben Patterson is a dad who found out that he is a sympathetic vomiter (one who also vomits upon witnessing another person vomit) when his kid threw a projectile vomit all over the backseat of the car.

Dad was alone because mom had gone out with her friends, enjoying a nice night out. She didn’t check her phone too much because this is a confident mom and wife – her husband has got it covered, everything will be fine.

It turns out mom was oh so wrong! Dad has been trying to reach her through a series of text messages, but all of them went unanswered.

What started as a sick kid vomiting in the car escalated quickly – dad also vomits, (this one dad added to get mom to finally take him seriously and text back) a stranger accused him of driving under the influence of alcohol, police pulling him up for questioning and a breathalyzer.

Despite the escalation, everything ended quite well. Ben shared in the comments that his wife, “had a good laugh about it, and then dealt with the swamped car seat and barfed clothes that I left for her because I couldn’t handle it. She’s amazing.”

Not an ideal way to end a nice night out!

Read through the text messages below for the full story.

Welcome to mommyhood!

Source: Kidspot

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