May 15, 2017

Check It Out! This Little Girl Waits for the Beat to Drop and Then Slays It with Her Dance Moves

Are you having a bad day or week at work? Are you stressed with deadlines, meetings, rush paperwork, or some other work dilemma? I have no answer as to how you would be able to get past that, but what I do have is a short clip of an adorable little girl that would surely make you forget your worries, even for just a little while.

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Maddie, the star of our video today. The video starts with Maddie patiently listening to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”. She seems to be listening intently and appears to be waiting on something. Hold on a bit, because we will know for sure what she’s waiting on in just a few moments. As soon as the beat drops, Maddie couldn’t keep herself from moving! Her spirited moves are definitely a sight to behold! Being a kid, she is strapped to a car seat, but don’t let that fool you, she got some moves and the straps never posed a hindrance to her.

Are you feeling the groove yet? Let Maddie take control and you’ll have a breeze through the week and surf happily into the weekend!

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Wayne B. | Pinoy Trends

Wayne is a mom to a toddler. She's passionate about breastfeeding. She loves movies and series, action, sci-fi and fantasy. Not so much on love stories. She is a kitchen scientist. Pet peeve: know-it-all.