March 23, 2017

Have You Ever Received a Dating Resume?

Dating Resume

So the internet broke with Joseph Adams’ post of his dating resume. Yes, you read it right, a resume for dating. The 21-year-old college student from Michigan State University, Joseph Adams, or just Joey, created a dating resume which he sent as a reply to a friend’s tagged post in a Facebook group.

Ashley Harrington posted an “ad” on the Michigan State University Class of 2018 to help a friend who’s too busy to find a date for their formal. In her ad, she said her friend “lives in the library”. Since her friend had no time to meet guys, she posted an ad on Facebook to help her find one – with her friend’s approval, of course.

Joey Adams couldn’t have been more prepared for this. He replied with “I have been waiting for this moment” and attached his resume. And he couldn’t be more artistic and comprehensive. His dating resume can rival that of someone who is applying for a job.

His resume also includes content such as his educational and work background because, why not?  He has a superb record.

Joey also exhibited a good sense of humor by listing some of his skills like “crying over Marley and Me” and included a graph that showed a breakdown of how he spends time on other things.

Sad news though, (and I don’t get why Ashley’s friend let him get away) despite his impressive resume, Joey didn’t get the date and wasn’t able to meet Ashley’s friend. His efforts, however, were not wasted. Another MSU student got wind of the post and shared it on Twitter.

So like me, a lot of people were impressed and some girls even offered to be his date. So I guess his effort didn’t go to waste. Way to go, Joey!

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