March 8, 2017

Did you know that Deadpool showed up in Logan’s screening?

DeadpoolFor those who went to see Logan, you may have seen the Deadpool 2 teaser that was released by Fox.  To the few who has not seen Logan as of this time, read on, and you’re welcome.  The said teaser pokes fun at Superman, with the telephone booth-changing drama before coming to the aid of those who need help.

The scene opens with Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s character out of his tight-fitting costume) spotting a man in an alley being held up and yelling for help.  He makes a dash – for the telephone booth on the street corner, to get suited and booted, while the Superman theme blares in the background.

The telephone booth provided a little blurred profile of Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) while he takes off his street clothes and puts on his Deadpool tight suit.  Then, a loud bang!  Deadpool has difficulty getting the phone booth open and races to the alley, only to find the man shot and lying in a pool of his own

Stan Lee has a cameo on the short clip, making up for the former Marvel editor’s absence in Logan.

Fox had no comment on the teaser, but a source told Variety that the footage is from a cut scene.

Instead of mentioning the release date, the teaser says “not soon enough.” The actual debut date for Deadpool 2 is in a year’s time — March 2, 2018.

Watch the video and let’s all wait in excitement for next year.

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