November 7, 2017

Philippine Trending News: Did Isabel Granada Have Premonition of Her Death?

isabel granada

On November 4 at 11 p.m. Philippine time, Isabel Granada passed away. The actress suffered more than a week of being in coma because of a brain hemorrhage due to aneurysm.

In an interview with GMA News, her husband, Arnel Cowley, said that her wife collapsed during a fan meet and greet in Qatar. Isabel was rushed to the hospital but doctors declared her brain dead on October 27.

The remains of the 41-year-old lady is expected to arrive in the Philippines on Thursday.

According to Cowley, while he and the ‘80s teen star were at a friend’s wake in Australia, Isabel said she would like her body to be cremated, but the decision still lies on the actress’ mother.

A day before she suddenly collapsed and went into coma, Isabel posted this on Facebook, as if she already had a premonition:

“As you turn your attention to Christ Jesus, feel the Light of His Presence shining upon you. Open your mind and heart to receive His heavenly smile of approval. Let His gold-tinged Love wash over you and soak into the depths of your being. As you are increasingly filled with His Being, you experience joyous union with Him. He suffuses your soul with Joy in His Presence; at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore.”

Before Isabel died, her mother, 14-year-old son, ex-husband, Geryk Genasky Aguas were able to watch over her. Robin Padilla who happened to be in Qatar for a project, also visited the actress.

You will always be remembered, Isabel.

Source: Philstar

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