February 21, 2017

Eyebrows on Fleek- The Struggle is Real!

Eyebrows on Fleek

Whoah! It’s already 8:30 am and I just got of the shower! I need to prepare for work and my time in should be 9:30 am. With the 20 minutes lead time for travel, my clock is ticking now and I still need to concentrate in getting my eyebrows in a respectable, if not in it’s perfect form, hehe.

How many of us can relate to the same situation everyday? I for one can speak for this, since I belong to the not-so-gifted women who have well-contoured brows, or those who can easily grow their brows for more manageable fixing. I need to spend 15-20 minutes of my time just to get my eyebrows fixed alone and this struggle is so real!

There are so many options out there to help us achieve the brows every girl dreams about. We have the permanent brow tattoo, which had been there for quite sometime (I’ve seen some cool lolas who had this but I guess I am not a fan of this since greenish color will be evident on the tattoo after sometime). And we have the now trending, eyebrow embroidery, which is gaining popularity nowadays. It is a semi-permanent brow tattoo that will eventually fade after about 1-2 years, depending on the procedure done. This is recommended by many since brows look natural and it lasts longer than most of procedure available in the market today. But you need to shed some extra cash for this since price for this service is still quite expensive and will eat some of your budget.

Whatever options we chose, whether we chose to allocate 15-20 minutes of our time everyday just to fix our brows, or have the permanent eyebrow tattoo, or get the eyebrow embroidery, what matters is that we are confident and ready to face our day to day challenges in life. Getting eyebrows on fleek is just an icing on the cake, but the real struggle is far bigger and more serious than that. The #kilayislife may be true to some, but most can say that there’s more life after kilay.

I gotta go now, it’s time for my real struggle, and it only just begun!

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Lizzy F. | Pinoy Trends

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