April 30, 2018

Fashion Trends: Glow in the Dark Tattoos!

Blacklight ink makes tattoos even cooler

These ultraviolet tattoos only reveal their secrets under blacklight 🌈

Posted by In The Know Creative on Thursday, 26 April 2018

Tattoos have been practised around the globe since the ancient time. From natural inks like ash and dye to white inks and now, the Ultraviolet inks.

This technologically improved tattoo ranges from nearly invisible to totally invisible under direct sunlight. The chemicals it contains made the UV tattoo different from common tattoos.

Its reaction to the black light makes the tattoo noticeable under specific light condition.

More time are needed to apply this modern tattoo because of its special ingredients and to make sure that it really holds and shows up during daylight.

Coloured UV tattoo inks are obvious during the daytime like a normal colored tattoo ink would, but still glows in the dark.

Some, on the other hand, are fully undetectable and would only be present with the help of lights.

Cool, indeed!

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