December 30, 2016

Be Ready for an Explosion of Filipino Food in 2017

filipino food

Bloomberg predicts there will be an explosion of Filipino food in the coming new year!

In the article, Eleven Fancy Food Trends You’ll Face in 2017, Bloomberg said that there is another Asian cuisine to get excited about – Filipino Cuisine.

filipino food

(Bloomberg /encrier/Getty Images/iStockphoto / MANILA BULLETIN)

The article mentioned internationally-renowned Filipino chefs who helped introduced the Filipino taste to the world:

Executive Chef Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese Food Resto in Manhattan, offers lumpia egg rolls and pork belly with pork liver sauce.

Chef Dale Talde of Talde Miami Beach Eatery introduced the famous Filipino pork adobo and now making waves at the beaches of Miami. Watch out because soon he will be serving more Pinoy dishes such as arroz caldo, a chicken, ginger, and fish-sauce rice porridge, in his new resto called Rice & Gold.

Other food trends according to Bloomberg are:

  • The Dominance of Meat and Artisanal Butcher Shops
  • The Dominance of Vegetables
  • The Defeat of Food Waste
  • The Rethinking of Chilled Red Wine
  • The Emergence of High-Tech Cocktails
  • The Redesigning of The Seafood Tower
  • The Redemption of Vegas
  • The Fast-Foodization of Cereal
  • The Introduction of Charcoal to Your Drinks

Source: Manila Bulletin

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