October 30, 2017

Former Filipino Actor Now a Police Officer in Canada

Don Laurel

He used to be part of Gimik, Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan and batang PX. Then, I didn’t see him on television or movies. I just assumed he was not given projects anymore. At that time Twitter wasn’t the thing yet, so no, I had no way of searching for trending news about this actor.

Actually, actor Don Laurel is now in Canada and is also a police officer! The Star Magic artist left the limelight to pursue what he dreamed of becoming ever since he was a child.

He is now based in Toronto, Canada, and is among the front line officers of the 32nd Division of the Toronto Police Department for six years now. He also works with the Philippine Consulate there, holding information sessions with immigrants. In this job, he explains to the immigrants the laws they need to obey and rights they have in the country.

“I’m very proud to wear this uniform and helping out not just the Filipino community, but the whole city of Toronto,” Constable Laurel said.

At first, his colleagues didn’t have any idea who he was, but then they were wondering why a lot of Filipinos seem to recognize him.

“When he went out on the road and did some calls I noticed that he had a little bit of a fanfare following him around and recognizing him,” co policeman Sergeant Lawrence Sager narrated.

Now they know all about his career in the Philippines before he gave it up and chose to be a police officer.

Salute, Constable Don Laurel!

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