October 30, 2017

Going Home – A Pixel Art Horror Game by a Pinoy

Many serious gamers have, at some point in their lives, thought about creating their own video games. What entails the making of one? What stops these gamers from realizing their dreams?

Aside from fear – because designing a game involves hard work – from assets creation to coding, the reality of developing your own video game can be extremely intimidating – especially if you’re new to the whole process.

Unlike most teenagers immersed in the social media world, waiting for trending news online to get their eyes and hands on, Brandon Blanker Lim-it, a 19-year old Pinoy high school graduate has already two games under his belt. I guess it’s safe to say that he was not intimidated with the amount of work that making games require.

The second one, a creepy adventure called “Going Home” was recently launched on Google Play.

Published by Gigadrill Games, indie title “Going Home” is an atmospheric experience featuring wonderful pixel art, brain-busting puzzles, and genuinely disturbing scenarios. It tells the tale of a young man who comes home to find his house enveloped in darkness, and his wife and child missing. Armed with nothing more than his wits and a dying flashlight, he must unravel the mystery behind the nameless terror now haunting his family. It calls to mind classic adventure games such as “Day of the Tentacle,” but with controls simplified for mobile devices.

“Going Home” is Brandon’s first “very big” project. And this very big project was accomplished all by him.

Brandon describes his game “Going Home” as an adventure survival horror game – the type of game that inspired him to enter the world of indie game development in the first place.

Inspiration has a huge effect on Brandon when he first decided to take on the project. However, inspiration can only take you so far. He had to learn computer programming and operation of game creation tools.

He taught himself to so all these! “I learned everything about programming as a hobby way back when I was in high school; it was pure self-learn. But it’s not that difficult since we are now in the modern technology time. I started with Game Maker, a beginner tool for programming and game development. I learned from watching YouTube videos.”

How long did he finish the project? “Going Home” was developed in 6 months. Were it not for busy days and the occasional bout of laziness, he believes he could have finished the project in 4 months.

Brandon has a special message for those aspiring to develop their own video games:

“Making games is not difficult when you really want to make them. Start from small projects, then once you hone and master your tools, make a big project. Then, change your tool, learn something new. Always be in the edge between what you are used to and what you are still not used to. Also, there’s no miracle in codes, there’s no code that will miraculously perform something different than what you coded. It all comes down to logic.”

Whoa, talk about pushing yourself to do what you really want. Way to go, Brandon!


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