August 24, 2017

Goodbye, Mcdonald’s Makati Cinema Square

mcdonalds makati cinema square

When I was sixteen, after high school, I worked as a fast-food crew in KFC Makati Cinema Square. The one beside this McDonald’s branch – where we buy rice and drinks for lunch, well, because it was much cheaper there. There are so many fond memories of my friends and I hanging out after our shift, just chatting away, mindless of the time.

Now, it seems that we have to bid goodbye yet again to another part of our childhood (shout out to the late 70’s to 80’s kids out there!). McDonald’s Makati Cinema Square has closed down to comply with the Makati Regional Trial Court order for establishments along Mile Long and Sunvar properties to vacate the area.

One of Makati’s oldest malls, Makati Cinema Square is still frequented by many despite the number of newer and upscale malls in the Makati area. This McDonald’s branch here is the setting for the commercial “First Love”. Definitely, Makati Cinema Square McDonald’s shall be missed by many.

Source: Spot Ph

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