October 16, 2017

Inspiring Story: Grade 12 Student Sells Corn to Support Family

inspiring story

Joel Mendiola is a Grade 12 student who sells corn to support both his family and studies. He has been on trending news these past few days, because netizens cannot help but be inspired with his story.

Some students are lucky to be focused on their studies because their parents provide for them – their basic needs at home plus at school, and sometimes even more.

Unfortunately, the reality here in our country is that not all students are as lucky as the next. Some children cannot even afford to go to school. That is why working students are very common here in the Philippines.

Facebook user Facia Lois Estive shared the life of a Grade 12 student, Joel, who sells corn on the streets to support his family and his studies.

According to Estive, Joel was wearing a lanyard, confirming that he’s in the Humanities with major in Psychology.

Joel wants to be a social worker someday, so to get where he wants to be, he sells corn during his free time.

Mendiola said his earnings all go to his mother, and that he only asks for allowance. He has taken the role of his father who has already passed on.

He also added that he usually wears street clothes and slippers during his “shift”, but at the time his photo was taken by Estive, he was pressed for time because of his work-school schedule, so he just changed from shoes to slippers.

See, there is always a way if only we are willing to do what needs to be done. Kudos to you, Joel!

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