March 30, 2017

Find Out Why These Twins Are Breaking the Internet Because of Their Hair

Find Out Why These Twins Breaking the Internet Because of Their Hair

Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder are identical twins. They have striking features, and killer style to boot, both a must for models. However, their similarities don’t end there. Their natural hair turns heads, well who wouldn’t appreciate those luscious locks? Apparently, the twins didn’t at the start.

It was reported that the sisters were criticized in the modelling industry for their voluminous afro-textured hair and so they both resorted to straightening just to adhere to the “norm” and follow beauty standards. It took them a few years to fully embrace who they are, their beauty and big, natural hair. They then ditched the straighteners and relaxers, and started to showcase their hair during shoots. It was not a hindrance anymore, it is their crown – they wear it with pride.

See the photos of the twins below to see their hair in its glorious, natural state and understand that beauty starts from acceptance of who we are.

*Featured image from Urban Bush Babes

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