September 20, 2017

Henna Tattoo During Vacations, Should You Get One?


Pinoys love to go to the beach because of the sun, sand, cool water and other activities associated with being on the beach on vacation.  One such “activity” is getting a henna tattoo, for those who aren’t ready for the real thing.  Is it really safe?

I have tried this once in Boracay, the year was 2007 and I haven’t done it again – ever.  It was kind of scary, because I felt tingly and itchy at the site where the tattoo was.  Good thing I always carry anti-allergy medication so I was able to take one before the symptoms got any worse.

When I saw this article, I just had to write about it again to give a friendly “warning” to those who are planning to get henna tattoos on their next holiday adventure.

He Gulliver family from Britain travelled to Egypt for a holiday.  They had their two children with them, 9-year-old Sebastian and 7-year-old Madison.  At the hotel where they were staying, henna tattoos were being offered.  Being temporary and made up of natural ingredients, the parents thought it would be okay to have their children get tattoos.

Evening came and Sebastian started scratching his arm, so they washed off his tattoo.  Madison seemed fine, so hers remained untouched.  After a week, when the family returned to England, Madison’s tattoo started to itch.  The skin around also started to get red so they washed it away and applied a soothing ointment.

The next day, Madison’s arm had big red blisters similar to a burn victim’s.  That’s when they researched about henna despite it being all-natural, it is not harmless as they thought it was.

Madison had a tattoo with “black henna.” Unlike plain henna, the black version contains PPD, the same substance used in many hair dyes. PPD is forbidden in skin creams in the UK as it can cause allergic reactions to the skin.

They brought Madison to the hospital, and doctors had to cut through the blisters to treat the burns below.  Doctors now say that it may take up to two years before Madison’s skin returns to its normal color. Hopefully, the poor little girl will not get any permanent scars.

That’s why I have stopped getting henna tattoos, and just admire them from a distance, marveling at the beautiful designs that the artists offer.

Source: Newsner

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