June 3, 2017

Hilarious Boracay Photo Earns Guy an Actual All-Expense Paid Vacation


Summer is slowly fading; the rainy season is upon us. This is one season when everyone really spends the best of their time just to enjoy. It is a way to escape from reality of work (or school), and just have fun the whole time. #SummerOuting is the most common hashtag on trending posts.

Summer vacation though may sound farfetched to some, especially since going on vacation means you have to spend money. One famous destination during summer in the Philippines is of course, Boracay. It is famous for its white sand, and pristine beaches, and I can understand why almost everyone wishes to go there.

One guy who wishes to spend his summer in Boracay is Rafael-nonog Gomez from Rizal. On his social media account, he shared a photo of him to create laughs for his friends. Unexpectedly, the post was shared so many times, it became viral.

In the photo, Rafael is seen taking a bath using a dipper and a big tub, the Filipino-style of taking a bath. In front of him though is a simple drawing of Boracay.

One kind-hearted man names Tong Yangco saw the picture and decided to do something that Rafel never anticipated. He asked netizens to help him find Rafael, so he could treat him to an all-expense-paid trip and he can even bring his friend along to Boracay.

He said on his Facebook post: “Anyone knows this guy[s]? Let me know please if you know him. We will bring him here to Boracay. Cheers! Please share till we all find him!” Rafael and a friend got to visit Boracay on May 19 to 23.

And of course, thanks to the netizens, Mr. Yangco found Rafael!

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