June 7, 2017

How the Modern Day Darna Will Look Like

From Vilma Santos to Marian Rivera, red and gold have been the trademark of Mars Ravelo’s Darna. In 2017, the iconic role will be passed on to actress Liza Soberano.

In this Age of Millenials, will the female comic book heroine retain her traditional costume or it will be different from previous generations?

CNN Philippines Life asked some known fashion designers to envision her universal battle gear that will suit this generation of rapid change.

Here’s how they want the modern day Darna to look like:

RJ SANTOS wants to incorporate active/gym wear for the costume.

“I played with the elements from the original design and figured it would look cute to have her top with the elements of her headgear.”

ESME PALAGANAS will keep all the elements of the costume and will make it a one piece without the amulet belt (the amulet part of the gold cuff bracelets).

“I retained the loin cloth but had it draped from the sides. Also added that star on the headpiece because the stars [of the Darna costume] came from the flag — if that’s the case, we were lacking one! Gold wedge sandals instead of boots [because] … ang init!”


PROUDRACE reinterprets the costume with a shrunken motorcycle jacket with exaggerated sleeves and a tailored leotard inside.

“Paired with custom Nike Airmax 95 [laughs]. She can go to Bad Decisions at Black Market and fight crime on the same night.”

RAJO LAUREL, just like Esme Palaganas, aims to recreate the costume into a one-piece suit. Laurel also wants to keep the bahag detail and the symbolic wings.

“I also wanted to use some metal work so that the sheen would be of a metallic-like finish, mostly in red and edged in gold. I thought a thigh-high boot would be a really sexy touch as well. I also added some shoulder details on the suit as this would give us a more defined silhouette.”

BOOM SASON is after the simple look.

“I designed a clean, elegant and updated version of Darna’s costume without sacrificing functionality.”


MARTIN BAUTISTA doesn’t want to change the symbolic clothing because he believes That’s what makes the character so iconic and untouchable. He just prefers to give her a modern attitude.

“Her hair is jet black, long, modern, easy, and straight because she has no time to curl them. She has the natural, simplistic kind of Filipina beauty, but still very strong.”

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