May 25, 2017

Husbands, Here’s a Song About What Not to Say to Your Wife, and You’re Welcome!

We love this 😂Source: Tim Hawkins

Posted by Cheap as Chips on Sunday, 21 May 2017

Men find women really complicated. Starting from courtship to dating, men just find it difficult to read women’s minds. It is a puzzle, a maze if I may quote a friend. Imagine what happens when you get married. You get stuck in the maze, forever!

Fear not, men. This video will show you how to handle things with your wife, at least it will tell you of things you DO NOT say to them. Incidentally, the title of the song is – “Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife”.

The video shows a man, Tim Hawkins, holding a guitar, and starts of plucking strings and saying he did the choreography himself.

It has a simple tune, a melody that you can definitely just follow easily, and words to live by (and apparently, stay alive)! Husbands listen up and make sure you remember the words to this song. If you can’t, save it on your phones and plug in your earphones so your mind can from an engram.

Listen and watch, men (and women, too) for some serious laughs!

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