August 20, 2017

Who Is Jake Zyrus’ New Girl?

Who Is Jake Zyrus’ New Girl

Known then as Charice Pempengco, we all heard about her the transition to Jake Zyrus. This is after she broke up with long-time girlfriend Alyssa Quijano.

So what’s new with Jake Zyrus? Well, first off, she seems to be in love. Netizens did not miss a beat when nutritionist and fitness instructor Shyre Aquino posted a photo of her with Zyrus. The pretty Filipina hails from Davao.

Of course, comments came flooding in, making the post trending on social media. It’s nice to read good comments and praises for the pair this time. Zyrus also chimed in and posted a comment.

“You deserve all these good comments. They don’t even know who you really are as a person. To all of you, this woman makes me feel good about myself. She’s the reason I stopped hating myself because of what other people think/say about me. Other than her outer beauty, her inner beauty is one of the many reasons why I adore her. She’s patient, funny and humble. Thanks for complimenting her. It makes me feel very proud. She’s a really good human being,” Zyrus said.

On Sunday, a separate post showed the pair at a beach, and Aquino captioned it, “I love you for who you are.”

Source: CNN Philippines

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