April 4, 2017

James Corden As Belle in Beauty and the Beast on L.A. Crosswalk

This is fantastic! 😂😂 #lol

Posted by St Frock on Thursday, 30 March 2017

Host of the The Late Late Show, James Corden is a star on L.A. Crosswalk’s Beauty and the Beast adaptation. Channeling Emma Watson, Corden certainly dressed and acted rather excellently (as far as Crosswalk plays or musicals are concerned) as Belle.

Of course, his co-stars are no less than Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, and Josh Gad. They were all assigned roles they played in the hit live-action movie.

So after rehearsals, they get into their costumes, bring all the props, and wait for the traffic light to turn red. This signals the start of their production. They all run to the crosswalk, and perform their number. However, when the light changes, the cast must run off the street (lest they get hit by oncoming traffic) and get to the safety of the sidewalk.

Well, the show is definitely traffic-stopping, not to mention funny. The actors were all serious and into their roles, while being aware of the traffic light to signal the end of each scene. It was also fun to watch the drivers’ reactions to the coming and going of the actors.

Watch the video and I bet you won’t get to the end without having a good laugh!

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*Featured image from Rolling Stone

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