June 11, 2017

Joel Cruz Is a Proud Father to His Third Set of Twins!

Joel Cruz twins

I have twin aunts on my mother’s side of the family, while my husband has twin uncles, also on his mother’s side. As a child, I have imagined myself to have a twin and now, I pray that God grant me twins. I am just fascinated by how close twins are – from the womb until well, until forever.

The internet was abuzz with trending news when Joel Cruz shared a photo of his third set of twins! The perfume magnate shared on Friday via his Facebook account, a snap of him cradling his newborns – Prince Charles and Princess Charlotte.

The third set of twins is the newest addition to the growing family of Cruz. His two other pairs of children – Prince Sean and Princess Synne; and Prince Harry and Prince Harvey are also quite adorable!

All of his twins were conceived via in vitro fertilization and were birthed by the same surrogate mother. The newest babies were born in Russia on May 25th.

Congratulations to the 3rd time daddy!

Source: ABS-CBN

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