April 11, 2017

The “Bee” Is Headed to Europe! Jollibee is Opening a Store in Italy


Giant fast-food company Jollibee is going to Italy! This will only be the first in Europe. The company announced its plans saying that the biggest Filipino expat in Europe (about 200,000) presented a great first step into the region.

“We’re looking at Italy…we will follow where the Pinoys are”, said Jose Minana Jr, president of the Jollibee group, in an interview last year.

The bee has somewhat of a cult following, what with their crispy fried chicken and sweetened spaghetti. It’s a lot different than any typical Italian dish, plus it has cut up hotdogs.

The Jollibee group will be entering into a joint venture with Blackbird Holdings, a Singaporean F&B company, to own and operate the store in Italy.

Both companies have committed to invest up to €1 million ($1.06 million) in the venture — 75 percent of which will be owned by the Filipino company under its international unit, Golden Plate Pte Ltd.

I guess we’ll see how the Italians react to the sweet sauce over pasta.

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