March 29, 2017

Watch this Little Boy’s Funny Response to Mommy’s “I’m Pregnant” News

This Little Boy is Not Happy By His Mother's Pregnancy Announc...

This little boy's reaction to his mother's pregnancy will make you laugh!

Posted by Country Living Magazine on Sunday, 26 March 2017

This little boy has some strong views about his mom getting pregnant a third time. He gives his two cents to mom, without being disrespectful. For such a little boy (he’s strapped to a car seat!), he definitely has some solid views about having children. His argument started with him covering his eyes and asking his mom, “What were you thinking? Why did you have to get another baby when you just had two?” He was of course referring to himself and Amaya, his cute little sister beside him, also in a car seat.

His mom runs out of answers to his seemingly valid questions. But she assured him that there’s no replacing him or his sister when the baby comes, as he fears.

Also, he raised the “issue” of babies, especially boys being loud criers. When asked why he thinks so, he said he heard a baby who cried louder than his baby sister. His mom couldn’t offer a way out of this one, though, so she said he would have to get used to it. Feigning defeat, he succumbed to the idea of having a sibling and just asked for a pair of ear plugs. Such an adorable little guy! Watch the video for the full mom and toddler discussion.

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