April 19, 2017

Watch This Adorable Little Girl’s Reaction as She Meets a Robot

A two-year-old little girl meets a robot, that is, she thinks it is a robot. Turns out it’s a water heater that was left outside in someone else’s driveway. Well, I personally think it has the makings of a robot, so I wouldn’t be surprised of someone really mistake it for one.

So this little girl, while walking, came across this water heater, and started to greet it. She went in front of and looked up to the robot’s face, and said, “Hi, robot!” She also waved, in case the robot couldn’t see her, since she was a small girl. She paused, waiting for the robot to respond. When there was nothing from the robot, she didn’t give up, she ran towards it, and gave it a big hug. Why, wouldn’t you want to hug robots? She then pulled away, waved and said, “Bye-bye, robot!”
Watch the video and see the adorable toddler “interact” with the robot.

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Wayne B. | Pinoy Trends

Wayne is a mom to a toddler. She's passionate about breastfeeding. She loves movies and series, action, sci-fi and fantasy. Not so much on love stories. She is a kitchen scientist. Pet peeve: know-it-all.