December 13, 2017

This Little Girl Is Obsessed with Cockroaches!

This girl has over 7000 cockroaches, and loves them all equally :O

Posted by The Most Haunted Places of Pakistan on Monday, 20 November 2017

You read it right!

This girl has been collecting Madagascar cockroaches for 7 years as her pets.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches are African insects which have a pair of antennae. Considered as one of the largest species of roach. They don’t have wings unlike the ones here in the Philippines.

Shelby Counterman, a ten-year-old girl from outside Tulsa, started her passion with small batch of male cockroaches but she later decided to breed and brought in females.

From then on, the insects began multiplying exponentially, now Counterman has room filed with thousands of roaches.

The little miss keeps her favorites in special plastic containers and aquariums with Vaseline linings to avoid the bugs from escaping and scampering around the house.

Just in case her pets escape, the family has bearded dragon lizard to take care of the roaches.

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