August 20, 2017

Look! An Adorable Kid Explains Why Filipina Moms Are the Best Teachers

ETHAN'S WORLD SPECIAL: "WHY FILIPINO NANAY'S ARE THE BEST TEACHERS" 😂😜 #ethansworldDisclaimer: We found the joke online and we loved it LOL.. It would be nice if we know who originally wrote this so we can give him/her due credit.. ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Ethan's World on Sunday, 2 July 2017

Fiipinos are in demand when it comes to jobs abroad. There has always been a request for us to work as domestic helpers because foreigners feel the special quality of care we offer to people, especially kids.

Hospitality is our signature.

The arms of a mother are the first institution a kid gets admitted to. She is the best teacher who gives practical exams that can help you survive the hard times. The only institution where there is no right or wrong, only a love that is unconditional.

Combining these two attributes – being a Filipina and a mom – it’s incomparable!

To explain why Filipina nanays are the best teachers, watch the video above.

In the clip, an adorable young boy enumerates traits on how his Nanay is teaching him different values through the simple day-to-day talks that they have.

The boy in the video is Ethan, a popular child, and an internet sensation. He and his mother are known for making videos that will bring good vibes.

Nagging mothers can be annoying and even disturbing at some point but, forget not the saying, “”Behind every successful child is a nagging mom.”

Source: When in Manila

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