June 18, 2017

Look at This Talent! Funny Disney-Themed Comics by a 15-Year Old Artist

disney imane

She started posting her comics on Instagram and they’re funny-cute. This 15-year old girl goes by the name Imane, and on Instagram, she’s imane.imagination.

She posted some cartoon sketches of “herself” and her background, introducing herself as 15-year-old girl, and of Moroccan/Muslim descent. She loves to sleep (as most teenagers), based on her cartoon sketch of Sleeping Beauty.

She’s poked fun at Sleeping Beauty (oversleeping); Mulan (making a man out of you); Pocahontas (painting with the colors of the wind); Aladdin, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid (about having the best of friends that are NOT human); Disney princesses (and who parties the best); Rapunzel (with her hair growth problems); Princess Anna from Frozen (about her views on men based on other Disney princesses); Rapunzel again (on doing her hair); Ariel of The Little Mermaid (on having second thoughts about having a tail or human legs); and Ariel vs Moana (on who is the real friend and princess of the ocean).

It’s funny because she puts a deeper perspective on the “challenges” of each Disney character, based on real-life circumstances. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she kind of draws cute figures.

You might want to check her Instagram and follow her so you can be updated with what she thinks of next!

Source: Buzzfeed

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