November 14, 2017

Look! The Official Cast of Meteor Garden Reboot

Reboot Meteor Garden

16 years after the original series premiered on Taiwanese television, the newest cast of the must awaited Meteor Garden TV drama remake has been announced.

It was originally portrayed by actress Barbie Hsu and singer-actors Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu and Van Ness Wu. The first series became so popular across Asia, putting the stars to superstardom.

The future Meteor Garden heartthrobs were revealed on stage at a press conference in Shanghai. Here are the official actors and actress to play the lead roles according to Asia One:

“In the lead as strong-willed student Shancai is Chinese newbie actress Shen Yue, 20, while the actors taking on the roles as her school’s four richest and most popular boys – known collectively as F4 – will be Taipei native Darren Chen (playing Huazelei) as well as Chinese actors Dylan Wang (Daoming Si), Connor Leong (Meizuo), and Caesar Wu (Ximen).”


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