June 28, 2017

Listen to This! Mac Lethal Covers 27 Ways to Rap

In November 2011, David McCleary Sheldon known by his screen name Mac Lethal became viral online. His video on Youtube of him rapping over the beat of Look at Me Now by Nicki Minaj while preparing a dish of pancakes in his kitchen gained millions of views in a matter of days. This led to CNN and The Washington Post interviews.

Now, the American hip hop artist from Kansas once again took the internet by storm.

In this generation of diverse genres from different geographical locations, it’s impossible to remember all of them. Afraid not, because Lethal just made 7-minute video showing off his 27 styles of rap got numerous views too. He covers everything we might forget, from traditional to fast-paced rapping.

Starting with old school bands Public Enemy and Run DMC, he went extra miles and decades to include G-funk, Thizz, Crunk, Chopped and Screwed, Hyphy, and Grime. He also name-dropped a few artists like Kanye (old and new), Yeezus, Eminem (on drugs), Jay Z, Wu-Tang Clan, and of course, Drake.

Check it out for yourself up top.

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