April 7, 2017

Here are 5 Practical Make-Up Tips for Graduates

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It’s that time of the year again, when most schools are already ending their school year and students are attending not only graduation ceremonies but recognition rites or moving up ceremonies as well.

And while most parents (including me) are already whining about all the expenses being incurred during this time, we all still want our graduating child to look fab on the most important day for them, and for us too!

We don’t need to spend so much just to make this a reality for us and our children. Forget the hair and make-up service at the salon, grab your kikay kits and just follow these simple tips below and you can save a lot!

#1: Go light on the foundation.

Since we can already feel the summer heat now, better if we do away with so much foundation for the make-up especially if the venue is not air-conditioned. Better to use a dab of concealer instead since it does not cake into the face and can hold on makeups similar to what a foundation does. (Read my article Here are 3 Other Ways To Use Your Concealer for some tips)

#2. Emphasize the eye.

Make the eye make-up the most visible on the face. Make sure to use liners and mascara to open up the eye and make it alive. One can use brown or gray as the darker shade in the eye, after the base which is a shade lighter than the skin tone. Avoid smoky eye make-up since it’s more appealing for parties rather than graduation rites.

#3. Have well-defined brows.

Not too thick, just enough to nicely compliment the eye make-up. Use brown or light brown depending on the hair color.

#4. Use light-colored lipstick.

Use pinkish nude or any nude hues to match your emphasized eye make-up. Avoid using dark colored lipstick anymore, especially for teens, or elementary students.

#5. Use light or pinkish blush only.

Avoid dark brown or red blush as it ages the face. Put a blush just to have alive colors on the cheek. No need to emphasize that your kid has a blush-on. A more natural look is better to avoid messing up also during the ceremony since most graduation takes some time to finish especially with a big population of students.

Let’s not over-do our children’s make-up, just enough to enliven their faces especially during photo ops session.

Of course, we don’t want them to look unprepared or dull during this important day of their lives, but we can be practical at the same time by following these tips on hand. Congratulations and happy graduation day to all the graduates!

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