March 31, 2017

Why You Should Marry a Man Who Can Make You Laugh

My Waffle Wedded Wife 😂😂😂

My Waffle Wedded Wife 😂😂😂(Sound on 🔊)Follow Viral Tacos for daily inspiration

Posted by Viral Tacos on Saturday, 25 February 2017

Most articles I read about getting married, for example, who should you marry, qualities of a man you should marry, the most important thing to consider or look for in man you’re about to marry – is that he has to have the ability to make you laugh. Life can be so harsh and boring sometimes that a partner who knows how to tickle your funny bone is a must.

Watching this video, I can say that she has won big time! Not only did he make her laugh, but he made the entire church at their wedding ceremony burst into laughter. And who wouldn’t?

During the wedding vows, the minister, after stating the name of the bride, said: “to be my lawfully wedded wife…” The groom repeated after the minister and he said, “to be my waffle, lawfully…” to which one of the witnesses in front broke into laughter, followed by the bride. Saving himself, he added, “and pancake-y…” And that was it; the bride totally lost it and had to sit down while still holding his hand because she was laughing so hard. The camera also focused on the guests laughing out loud at what’s happening at the altar. The minister was of course, staring earnestly at the groom, trying so hard not to laugh.

The groom told him, “I’ve been scared of this all my life.” The bride then laughed so hard she made a high-pitched sound that sent the guests laughing again, and the minister finally gave up, broke his serious face and laughed, too.

It was the sweetest, funniest wedding video I have ever seen. Watch the video of the funny and endearing couple below.

Here’s another video of a funny man – A Sexier Version of Jonah Hill Spotted in LA

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