June 6, 2017

My Thoughts About Millennials


Being a 90’s dudette, it’s really a whole lot different breed of kids we have today as compared to us before. I can barely understand where they are coming from and what are their advocacies in life. I am not saying “all” of the teens nowadays are so lost and disoriented, but most of those I know or don’t personally know but heard about, somewhat fall into this category. It’s sad that most teens nowadays don’t know how to prioritize what is the most beneficial to their well-being and what can help them prepare for a better future. Maybe we can partly blame the parents, who were mostly from what we call the Generation X (according to Wikipedia those born from late 1970’s to early 1980’s), since the manner of raising them seems to have been so relaxed and so lenient that children tend to be so focused on what they want, whether good or bad, rather than what they need and what’s good or right.

The Gen X, being in the environment where everything was all starting to bloom after all the wars and recession that took place all over the world, tend to have enjoyed much of the freedom and democracy that everything seemed to have open its doors like never before. All aspects of the community had been opened, women’s right, LGBT rights, racial discrimination was abolished, divorce, pre-marital sex, children out of wedlock, and many more others, these became acceptable in the society. And from here, gave birth to a more open, more assertive and more outspoken society. Which is the laying ground of our millennials today.

Millennials are termed to those born in the mid 90’s and early 2000’s as per Wikipedia. These are the teens we have today or those at most 22 years old down to around 15-year-old teens. These are the growing population who are teenage parents, out-of-school youths, working individuals who weren’t able to finish college, and those not doing anything at all in their lives. Again, I’m not saying ALL, but many are like this right now, no doubt about it.

It’s too bad, that as technology is moving up, our level of quality individuals who are replacing us in the next generation is somewhat going down. I am not underestimating our millennials, but I hope those few population who are way ahead and beyond the lost and disoriented class, will boom further and make a significant increase in count. This is the reality. And we still can do so many things to improve this.

We just need to start somewhere. Let’s stop glorifying wrong-doings. Wrong is wrong, no matter how good it feels, it’s still wrong. This is the No.1 culprit in the minds of millennials. If it felt good, it must be right. Without thinking ahead of the possible consequences. Prioritization is a most coveted skill for our youth nowadays. No focus and no clear direction. Those important and can help them build a good foundation for the future are being neglected. Only those things that are fast and easy to accomplish are being done. If it’s hard and requires patience and dedication, it’s not a priority.

Let’s look around us, who can relate to these things, who have experienced these scenarios, who among us are facing these realities with our teens nowadays? Are we just going to sit back and see what happens next? Or are we going to stand up and help cure the sickness eating up our society? The choice is ours.

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Lizzy F. | Pinoy Trends

Lizzy is a single mom who's workaholic on weekdays, but a full-time mom to her unica hija and cats and dogs on weekends. She had never moved on with her top 40 kinda music, but would still cry tremendously every time she watched 8 Below movie. Pet peeve: stubborn people.