March 11, 2018

Trending Celebrity News: Saab Magalona Lost One of Her Twin Babies

Saab Magalona finally breaks silence on the death of her baby girl.

The Cheat vocalist published a blog entitled “Heartbroken but Hopeful” on March 6. Through the post, Saab was able to share the heartbreaking story of losing her daughter. She revealed trying to hide what happened saying:

“I’ve stayed silent because I think I’ve been in denial. I thought keeping it to ourselves would make this whole thing unreal.”

Luckily, her baby boy is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, and though he’s initially was in critical condition, gone through so many complications and already gone to surgery, the little fighter is doing much better now.

But on the day that marks the 9th death anniversary of the Master Rapper, Francis Magalona, the new mother decided to write her story, “Publishing this means that this whole thing is real but I can’t keep her a secret for much longer. I need to honor her. She was such a beautiful girl and we believe she gave her life for me and her twin brother.”

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