May 23, 2017

The Search for the First Filipino KFC Colonel Is On!

The Search for KFC's First Filipino Colonel

The search for KFC's First Filipino Colonel is on! Here are the 3 candidates vying for the prestigious title: Ronaldo Valdez, Leo Martinez, and Pen Medina. Who's it gonna be?#KFCFilipinoColonel

Posted by KFC on Sunday, 21 May 2017

We’ve seen so much drama and heart-wrenching stories on TV these past few months. From Jollibee to McDonald’s and even beauty products, they all jumped in the bandwagon and became Philippine trending news for weeks!

Seeing this today gave me a breath of fresh air. Introducing, the search for the first Filipino KFC Colonel!

Three candidates have been shortlisted for the role: Ronaldo Valdez, Leo Martinez and Pen Medina. So who is it going to be?

The video starts with a clapper, and the candidates say their name, and that they are auditioning to be the First Filipino KFC Colonel. It also shows them in the iconic Colonel Sanders costume, a white coat with a black bow tie. Each of the three candidates goes through the same set-up, but each one gave a different view of how their personalities would affect the Colonel Sanders of the Philippines.

Watch the funny, refreshing video of the auditions and let me know who you think should be the first KFC Filipino Colonel. The ad says wait for May 29, so yes, I’m waiting!

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