February 22, 2017

The Story Behind Kim Kardashian West’s Terrifying Paris Experience

The Story Behind Kim Kardashian West's Terrifying Paris Experience

During the past couple of days, news broke out about crime scene photos and video surveillance of the alleged robbers on Kim Kardashian West’s chilling ordeal in Paris. Apparently, the Kardashian was bound and gagged (termed saucissonnage – like a sausage, in bondage) while the suspects ransacked the room. She was at that time, staying in a prestigious location – Hôtel de Pourtalès, at 7 Rue Tronchet, behind the Madeleine Church. This all happened on October 3, 2016 at about 1:00 am, shortly after Kim arrived at her address from a private dinner in [Azzedine] Alaïa showroom.

The call to 36 Quai des Orfèvres, the imposing fortress-like headquarters of the Paris criminal police, overlooking the Left Bank of the Seine River came at about three am. Pre-dawn calls are not unusual to for Paris police Chief Christian Sainte, but the one that roused him from his bed early that October morning would prove to be different. “Kim Kardashian West, victim of V.M.A.,” said the night officer—V.M.A. meaning vol à main armée, armed robbery.

Ironically, though Kim Kardashian West is known to many worldwide, the chief of police and his second in command are not familiar with her. The chief had to key in her name and Google gave him all the information he needed. He said, ““And I quickly understood who she is. Now I know almost everything about her.” This is also how, the police are deducing, how the thieves targeted Kim Kardashian West. From her arrival by private jet at Le Bourget Airport at 10:40 A.M. on September 28, accompanied by her assistant, Stephanie Sheppard, and her German bodyguard, the massive Pascal Duvier to the string of events and parties on the next days, paparazzi followed her, so she was all over the news. In addition to that, she also posted her whereabouts and activities online. The chief said, “She gives information on social media all the time.”

He had to clear doubts circulating at that time that the robbery was a hoax. He also had no doubts that the case would be one of the most unusual in his long and distinguished career. Why wouldn’t it? This is Kim Kardashian West we are talking about! Read more here…

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