March 28, 2017

Secret to Successful Union Revealed: Coordinating Outfits

coordinating outfits

Meanwhile, in Japan, this lovely couple makes it a point to coordinate their looks on a daily basis. I mean, yes, we’ve seen couples (or even families) do coordinating outfits or colours in the past, but this couple brings coordination to a whole new level. Instagram user ‘BonPon511’ has taken the internet by storm with their delightful posts.

Despite their fame in Instagram, not much is known about this coupe except that they are in their sixties, have been married since 1980 and needless to say, have better fashion sense than most people do.

They have 83.7k Instagram followers due to their flawless looks, which often include a perfect pop of print such as plaid or stripes. They also stick to a strict complimentary colour palette of red, white, black and blue.

I have to give it to this lovely pair. Despite their daily ritual of matching their outfits, from their gray hair and down to their shoes, their photos show no hint of cheesiness. Should I say it? I think I should. This is what I’d peg as #couplegoals.

*Featured image from Instagram @BonPon511

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