August 23, 2017

Super Sweet! Watch How This Pilot Surprise His Girlfriend with an In-Flight Proposal

I was almost in tears watching this video of a Cebu Pacific pilot planning and successfully executing his marriage proposal for her girlfriend.

The video starts with Mehrdad driving a car; I suppose he was on his way to the airport at this time, while narrating the details of his plans. It was April 7, and he is going to propose to his girlfriend during one of his flights. He said he has been thinking on how to do it, because his girlfriend is so smart she might just figure it out.

He said his girlfriend loves to travel, so he told her that he has a free ticket to Cebu. She can use it and spend the weekend there, but she has no idea that he would be on that same flight. He even called his girl’s brother in Australia to let them know about his plan to marry her, and asked for her hand in marriage. How sweet is that?

Then he says he’s on his way to airport, and that he’s both scared and excited.

The scene cuts to Laguindingan airport, where Fara is seen in front of a coffee shop checking her phone.

Next, the passengers of the plane can be seen boarding, and when everyone was seated, the video shows Mehrdad speaking in the cockpit, and when he introduced himself, Fara looked up, surprised that he was there on the same flight. After saying his spiel about where they are exactly at, and at what time they will land in Mactan, he proceeded to say that this night is a special night especially for one person on this flight. Fara is seen smiling from ear to ear. After his long and very sweet speech, he said to wait for him because he’s on his way out.

Mehrdad made his way to where Fara is seated, and along the aisle of the plane, on the flight to Mactan, he asked her to marry him. I mean what else could she say but yes at this point?

Watch the video for a genuinely feel-good and “kilig” scene that could rival any romantic movie scene. I am not crying, someone’s chopping onions here.

Congratulations, Mehrdad and Fara!

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