April 19, 2017

Would You Dare? Swimming in The Sky: Every Daredevil’s Dream

Do you want to add a different twist, and challenge to your summer swimming escapades? If you are the adventurous kind, having a dip in the Sky Pool is the perfect experience for you.
Prepare your passport and visa first, and a bit of a budget, the Sky Pool can be found in Houston,Texas USA. Located in the 42nd floor of Market Square Tower, a high-rise multi-family residential apartment, it is an infinity pool suspended 500 ft above and extends 10 ft over the side of the imposing Houston building.

The glass-bottomed Sky Pool is made up of 8-inch thick plexiglass. If you are brave enough to swim in this pool, it will look that you are swimming in a suspended pool at the top of a building, because the floor is transparent glass and one can see clearly below the busy street of Houston.

Are you in for this swim? Take a look at the video to appreciate more what to expect in this ultimate Sky Pool.

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