October 22, 2017

Take a Cue from This Man, and Always Dress to Impress

He’s self-employed, meaning he gets to be his own boss. The perks of being one are you get to work when, where, and how you want; plus you can choose whichever persona you want to be. This is because you get to assign yourself your dress code for the day.

A netizen named Arjay Alpuerto shared a photo on Facebook of a mystery man in a decent-looking get-up. He posted the said photos at about 10 am on September 2, and has reached 26,000 likes and reactions and over 15,000 shares in just a day. Yes, it has gone trending. So many employees are dressed to impress on a daily basis, so what’s different about this man?

Well, the first photo that Alpuerto shared shows a man in business attire, his hair kept in place by pomade, he has sunglasses on (because the sun was really up and sizzling), and he had with him a briefcase.

The second photos will make you look twice, because the contents of the briefcase are not at all what you’d expect. Not cash, not documents, not even the Pinoy-style movie kind of “dala mo na ba ang epektos” illegal content can be seen inside.

Turns out the very respectable and well-dressed man carries peanuts in his briefcase! Yes, he is a mani vendor!

It’s quite hilarious, but somehow I am struck with awe. Here he is, doing his job, in the most professional way he can. And his style sure catches attention, so I bet it helps him in his trade as well.

As of this writing, the vendor is still a mystery person, so should you know anything about him, please feel free to comment.

Let’s all take a lesson from this man, no job is too small, so always dress to impress.

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Wayne B. | Pinoy Trends

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