May 27, 2017

Beware: Tattoo Removal Cream Scare

Tattoo Removal Cream Scare

I have always been fascinated by tattoos, but it’s a different story about getting one. I’m scared of needles, I am able to pass medical tests that require the use of needles, but it takes a lot of my strength not to pull my arm away. I admire those that have tattoos, and I have designs that I love to have, so I had it made into jewelry instead by Romierre Jewelry.

There is no problem with tattoos, the problem starts when someone changes their mind about getting inked. Some may opt to cover their tattoo with a new one, while others opt to have it removed entirely.

The process of removal is a difficult one. Although there are painless options to remove permanent ink, there are methods that people should be cautious about.

A product called Rejuvi, a nonsurgical option for removing tattoos is one example. It claims to be a safer alternative to the painful laser procedure. It works by raising ink pigments to the surface of the skin, resulting in a scab that can be peeled off.

It was a total different story for Pasuda Reaw, though. This 21-year-old art student in Udon Thani in Northern Thailand wanted to have a rose tattoo on her chest removed because she wanted to look more professional at work. She tried Rejuvi, thinking that it will make her tattoo vanish, as what was claimed to be the effect of the said cream. A few days after application, her skin became itchy and painful.

The ink peeled of all right, but it left a chemical burn in its place. Pasuda shared, “I began the treatment and immediately it was itchy and hurting a lot. The skin has taken a long time to come off. It was like torture and I could not sleep.”

It was 10 days after when the entire area filled with pus and her skin began to peel. Pasuda shared her photos and experience so she can raise awareness and serve as a warning to others. “Laser is a lot of money but I wish I had done that. At times the pain of the itching and the scar were unbearable.”

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See, in every decision we make, we have to make sure we are 100% on it. Going back is possible but it won’t be easy.

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